St Paul’s appoints new Clinical Director

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr Mark Batterbury, has been appointed as the new Clinical Director of StMark Batterbury with patient, and Paralympic gold & silver medallist, Stephanie Slater MBE Paul’s Eye Unit. 

Mark became a consultant ophthalmologist at St Paul’s in 1995.  His appointment will be his second time as Clinical Director, the first being from 2002 to 2012. His experience in the role will bode well for the department as ophthalmic services across the Aintree and Royal site continue to merge as a result of the creation of the Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust in October 2019.  The merger allows both sites to share experience and knowledge to ensure excellent care for patients. 

On his appointment, Mark said, “I am daunted but looking forward to the challenge of improving services for our patients.

“I look forward to getting to know and working with staff on the Aintree, Royal and Garston sites to develop services in order to achieve changes to the way services are accessed and coordinated for patients. We have a strong team of clinicians and non-clinicians who show dedication, hard work and innovation.  That team will be able to ensure that we stay one of the top eye units in the UK, building on excellence in Education, Training and Research and Development to improve patient care.

“I want to enable all staff to work together in harmony, make their working days enjoyable, and bring them together into the St Paul’s family.” 

Mark replaces the two current Clinical Directors who have been in post at the Royal and Aintree sites.  “Mike Briggs and Ian Marsh have been at the forefront of our services for many years.  They have both worked tirelessly for their organisations, facing many challenges, before Covid as well as during the sudden changes that Covid caused,” continued Mark. “They have done a tremendous job in bringing the two sites together and I look forward to continuing their work.”  

Mark takes hold of the reins during an important milestone in St Paul’s remarkable history. In 2021 St Paul’s will celebrate its 150th birthday. From its humble beginnings St Paul’s has grown to become internationally renowned for the treatment and research of eye disease. Such are the skills available at St Paul’s, patients travel from as far away as New Zealand for treatment.

“St Paul’s has a special place in the hearts of the people of Liverpool” says Mark. “It was established to provide treatment to the poor of Liverpool, who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford treatment and subsequently lost vision. To this day St Paul’s still puts the patients at the heart of everything we do and I look forward to playing a part in the next chapter of this journey.”

A starting date as yet to be determined.