Training to deliver job satisfaction and outstanding patient care

Here at St Paul’s Eye Unit we have long believed that we have strong local support for the work we do and suspect that there is a sense that St Paul’s belongs to Liverpool.  We only have to look at the large number of patients that so willingly agree to get involved to help support our research projects.  

It seems only right we reciprocate this support by continually striving to improve our services - no matter how good we are, we can always be better.  No matter how knowledgeable we are, we can always learn more.  There’s always room for improvement. 

Being an organisation that prides itself on being open and transparent with our patients and putting them at the heart of everything we do is crucial to improving our services – and so is how we engage and listen to them. As a result we have launched a new customer service training programme.  

We caught up with trainer, Jay Rushton-Woods, Deputy General Manager, to learn more.

“I have a background in psychology and wrote and delivered this programme some years ago and thought it would be good to deliver it within St Paul’s.

“Instantly, people thought that the word ’customer’ should be replaced with ‘patient’ but when we consider the audiences we communicate within the department it isn’t just patients. We also regularly deal with colleagues in other departments, our partners such as the University of Liverpool and CCG, students, family and friends of patients and service providers to name but a few; a whole host of people.  So we decided to leave as it ‘customer’ as it triggered further conversations and that enabled people to learn before staff attended the course.

“The course has been designed to be delivered in person on both the Aintree and Royal sites to ensure continuity of care as part of our integration. It is fully interactive with plenty of discussion to explore impact of behaviours and how a person can be perceived by others, which often is quite interesting”, continued Jay. “We also cover topics such body language, communication styles and descaling situations, financial and reputational costs of complaints and how by listening to the patient and engaging them we turn a negative situation into a positive outcome through learning.

“The training has been run for a third of the staff already from HCA’s, clerks, secretaries, optometrists, doctors and nurses.

“The feedback has been very positive with 100% of those that have attended have rated the training to be very good or good and many of the comments have been along the lines of ‘very useful’, ‘interesting’ and ‘well worth attending."   

Jay is encouraging all staff to get booked on. 

“Training like this is mutually beneficial driving job satisfaction at the same time of ultimately delivering outstanding patient care”, said Jay.   

To book on to the training send Jay an email.