World Glaucoma Week

The World Glaucoma Association (WGA) launched its the “The world is bright, save your sight” campaign this week (12th March 2023); a global awareness initiative on glaucoma spanning across all continents.

Glaucoma is commonly known as the “sneak thief” of sight as it causes irreversible blindness, and the figures are staggering. One in 200 people, aged 40, has glaucoma, and the number rises to one in 8, aged 80. This number is forecasted to skyrocket in the coming years.

To improve the understanding of glaucoma and its impact, the clinical and academic glaucoma team at St Paul’s Eye Unit and the Department of Eye & Vision Science have been marking World Glaucoma Week with a series of events including display stands and interactive activities.

Glaucoma Sister, Michelle Walsh, said: "It was our first time we had set up a display stand in the main reception and so it was just as much of an education to us as it was to the patients. 

"All the team thoroughly enjoyed engaging patients and visitors outside of clinic. We had a lot of questions from patients, staff, family and friends and using the simulation spectacles we were able to give others an insight into the challenges patients face.

"Having our colleagues from the Department of Eye and Vision Science with us we were also able to highlight research that is taking place in Liverpool and explaining what the next generation of treatment could look like."

St Paul’s has also launched its own podcast this week, Eye to Liverpool, with the first episode being on the subject of glaucoma. You can listen to the episode by visiting all the major podcast down sites, or by clicking here.