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Work Experience is where a young person can come and work with us for a short time to understand more about what it is like to have a job in the Trust.

This page gives you more information about the Work Experience scheme.

What we offer

Work experience in the NHS offers the chance to see what the job is really like. It may confirm a person’s career choice, or open their eyes to other options that they hadn’t considered.

Within the NHS there is a wide range of career choices from doctors to nurses and allied health professionals such as, physiotherapists, dieticians, radiographers, porters, ward clarks and occupational therapy. The NHS also depends on other staff who work in administration, finance, IT, estates, human resources and other areas.

See NHS careers website for guidance information.

Work experience in the NHS offers the opportunity to sample a variety of jobs, across the whole range of interest and academic ability.

A record of work experience will be an advantage when applying for jobs or higher education courses.

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust are committed to offering:

  • Taste of the NHS
  • Week long programme with interactive class room sessions
  • Courses will run at certain times during the year and pre-booking is essential.
  • All participants must be aged 14 to 17 at time of placement.

The programme will provide an insight into the varied careers within a busy hospital.

All sessions will take place within a non-patient facing area.

Programmes are available February, July and October

The placements

Work experience placements are provided in clinical and non-clinical work places within the trust for learners aged from 16, restrictions in certain areas may apply.

  • Placements are offered for clinical and non-clinical areas
  • Other departments offering placements include departments as therapies, pharmacy, radiology
  • The laboratories offers placements ranging from one to two days or a week’s placement
  • Placements are strictly observational only and learners will be supervised at all times
  • Placements available throughout the year, subject to availability.

    Sixth form introduction to medicine

  • A three day programme, held yearly in the February and October half terms.
  • The course is available for sixth Form students (16-19 year olds) and can accommodate a maximum of 12 students per course.
  • The introduction to medicine programme seeks to promote best practice through engaging aspiring young individuals who have the drive and passion for career in medicine
  • Following attendance at this introductory course, medical shadowing may be considered and arranged
  • Those students who have attended the 'Introduction to Medicine' course will be allocated a placement during the following half term.

No applications for medical shadowing placement will be considered unless the applicant has previously attended the above course. This is to ensure that persons undertaking medical shadowing are already fully informed about the demands of a medical career and the application process.

Application process for all programmes

Individuals wishing to carry out a work based placement within the trust must complete an expression of interest form.
On completion of the form the work experience coordinator will liaise with the individual to complete all the necessary pre-placement checks.

The student and their parents/guardians are required to sign an honorary contract which gives permission for the placement to proceed and binds students to certain standards of behaviour. Failure to observe this code may mean instant termination of the placement. An honorary contract will be issued by the work experience coordinator to notify successful candidates of the terms of their agreement.


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