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Business Case means the reasons why it is good to spend this money building a new hospital.

This page explains where the money for the new hospital is coming from.

Business Case

You can read the appointment case for the new hospital below.

To request copies on disc or hard copy, please contact the new Royal team on 0151 706 5170. Please note there may be a charge.

How the new Royal is being funded

The new hospital, landscaping and demolition is being funded in several different ways:

  • The European Investment Bank provided £90.5 million
  • The Department of Health provided £94 million
  • The Trust provided £118 million
  • The remaining funds come from private investors
  • The total cost is £429 million.

Once we move into the new Royal, we will make payments (a bit like a mortgage). These payments will be under 5% of our turnover. The payments we make ensure that the new hospital will be in the same state of physical repair when our payments end in 30 years’ time as it was when we moved in.

Contact us

You can email the project team here or by calling 0151 706 5769