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This page gives you information about the future plans for buildings and grounds at the new Royal Hospital in Liverpool.

How the site will be developed

Once the new Royal opens and the current hospital is demolished (this will take a bit of time), then there are plans to develop the site.

These plans include:

  • Landscaping the grounds – there will be green space around the size of Chavasse Park near Liverpool ONE
  • An underground car park so patients and visitors will be able to park and walk into the hospital without having to go outside


We also have outline planning permission to use the land where the current Royal is for healthcare and life sciences buildings. This means we have the opportunity to create a major health campus for the city, with a teaching hospital, cancer centre and life sciences buildings located right next door to major universities and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

The Liverpool University Dental Hospital, the Education Centre, the Boiler House and Linda McCartney Centre will not be demolished once we move into the new Royal. Different services will be provided in the Linda McCartney Centre, with current cancer clinics moving out and into the new Royal or to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

More information

We will be providing lots of information to patients and visitors before we move into the new Royal. This will include details of when services are moving, details about car parking and general information about the new hospital.

We will be using lots of different methods of communicating this information, including this website, our social media channels, the media and with leaflets and posters. We are also looking at a hospital app for smart-phones.

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Work has now begun on the new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. This is being built next door to the new Royal. This is a fantastic opportunity to improve and expand cancer care.

The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will provide inpatient beds and complex / highly-specialist care for cancer patients in Merseyside and Cheshire, as well as outpatient and day-case services for people in Liverpool.

It will be in addition to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral and its radiotherapy unit in Aintree. People who live nearer to the Wirral site will still be able to have the vast majority of their outpatient and day-case care there, close to home.

For more information about the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre go to the website here

Building the New Royal - A timelapse

Contact Us

You can email the project team here or by calling 0151 706 5769